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Planned Improvements

An adjoining building shares the House’s party wall along the west border of the site. It has a Grade II‑listed facade and has just been completely renovated inside to include an elevator, a new kitchen, and accessible toilets. It has five stories including a basement, and the floor levels are similar enough to the House’s that linking the two buildings at all levels is entirely feasible.


In addition to creating full accessibility, the acquisition of this adjacent building would allow the Dr. Johnson’s House Trust to establish a learning center that would include:

  • an entrance hall and shop (freeing up a historic room that is currently used for this purpose);

  • dedicated learning and visiting scholar facilities;

  • exhibition and entertaining space for museum and private-hire events, as well as on-site collaboration and filming; and

  • offices for current and additional staff (freeing up the historic basement that is currently used for this purpose).


In the House itself, building works would consist of restoration and installations for enhanced exhibits. Because space would be freed up in the current welcome area and basement, which currently houses offices, the original dining room and domestic spaces would be made fully accessible and enhanced as exhibits for the benefit of visitors and education classes.

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The Campaign for
Dr. Johnson’s House

We seek to raise $19 million for purposes of acquiring, retrofitting, and equipping a building connected to Dr. Johnson’s House, providing facilities for greater accessibility and enhanced public benefit.

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